Blanka_29x cropped I am delighted you are visiting my website!

I want to inspire you to create life you truly want to live – full of joy, love, harmony and balance.

We each hold a key to our life.

It would be my pleasure to help you discover your unique key. 

I am looking forward to sharing our journey through this website, Facebook or in person.

With my love, Blanka


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“What an eye-opening experience! This is just want I needed in my life right now. Blanka’s ideas, suggestions and tools are right on and so useful!”  Leslie Williams, consultant, Montclair, New Jersey

“With Blanka’s suggestions, my home feels warm, energized and calming.” Lap-Yin Chu, designer, Manhattan, NYC

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How My Bedroom Sabotaged My Dreams

Bedroom Feng ShuiWe were supposed to live there only temporarily, before we found something better.

The apartment in one of Prague‘s suburbs was far from an ideal one… An old sink, an electrical burner instead of a regular stove and linoleum from what must have been an ancient time.

We were young and madly in love. These „details“ could not concern us. The brightest possible future was ahead us, I though to myself. Continue reading

This post is also available in: Czech

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