Our Real Schedule

I love to plan! It’s been my passion since I was six years old. And my great planning skills served me really well in many areas of my life.

My job as an auditor was all about constant deadlines, so having a great system of planning was a true asset. In my private life, I am usually the first one in the family to start planning for holidays, birthday parties, or family vacations.

Having a schedule updated daily or weekly always was a big part of my life. However, there were always two problems. Continue reading

Dream Big!

In 2009, Barack and Michelle Obama visited Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The whole city was upside down due to the organizational and security measures required. The streets were blocked leading to the main square in front of Prague Castle, where President Obama was to give his speech. The radio asked people to not even attempt to get there. But I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Continue reading

The Gifts of Hurricane Sandy

The hurricane is arriving in several hours. It is raining and very windy. I am hectically cooking rice and Brussels sprouts. My husband is making beef soup. The electricity may go away for days, so we want to be ready. Our grocery store is already closed due to bad weather. Doing another load of laundry, making a pot of tea and coffee. Without electricity, all these things would be impossible. Continue reading