5 Powerful Strategies for Releasing Stress

We are all familiar with varying degrees and kinds of stress. Stress is not good for us. Actually, it is impossible to be stressed and happy at the same time.

Over the time, I’ve learned several simple, yet highly effective techniques for releasing stress. They work individually as well as all together and their impact on the quality of life is truly remarkable.

Following 5 powerful strategies for releasing stress bring more happiness and serenity into life:

1. Getting clear how you want to feel & Setting intent

We need to know where we want to get in order to get there. So, it is essential to visualize and image your stress-free life. Ask yourself: “How would my day look like if I had less or no stress? How would I feel? What would I do? Create a picture of your life without the burden of stress.

Set an intent how you want to feel during your day. Create positive statements in a present tense describing your stress-free day. For example: “Today, I feel harmony and joy. I have plenty of time to do all my tasks. I feel respected by everyone I meet today.”

2. Decluttering your Home, Mind and Schedule

Many objects in our home add to our stress. A desk full of paper, disorganized drawers, or tons of old food in the fridge make it difficult to find what we need and bring anxiety into our life. Denise Linn has a wonderful rule to decide what to declutter: “Love it, use it or throw it away.”

Too many thoughts, continuous talking, and multitasking overwhelm our mind. When we give our mind a break, it pays off.  One of the most efficient ways of mental decluttering is to reduce our schedule, do less and relax more. What activities are causing you stress? What would help you to have more time to focus solely on yourself?

3. Being grateful & Forgiving

As Robert Holden says, a wholehearted gratefulness is a fastest shortcut to happiness. It is difficult to be truly grateful and still stressed. Any moment of the day is a good opportunity to name what you are grateful for. Focus on all what is good in your life and if you are short of inspiration, focus on your body and all its parts, like eyes, hands, heart, and be grateful that they are working for you 24/7.

Holding grievances towards others is stressful, too. The only medicine is to forgive that person. Look at the situation from another perspective and find at least 1 gift that person brought to your life and completely focus on that particular gift. Being deeply grateful will bring you forgiveness.

4. Bringing joy into your life

It is sometimes difficult for us to rest and relax. One way to shift our way of living is to focus every day on things which bring us joy and find time for them. Our bodies naturally de-stress when we fill them with joy. Do you like dancing? Singing? Cooking? Allocate some time every day for joy and your stress level will drop.

5. Using the power of positive affirmations   

We create our reality by our thoughts. It is an act of power to decide what we think in any given moment. My most favorite affirmations that help me de-stress are: “I am safe. All is well. Everything is working our for my highest good.” Repeating these affirmations with focus and passion has an immediate effect on our body and brings us relief.

And because love and stress do not go together, on top of the above suggestions, try bringing love into any stressful situation. Serenity will fill your mind and heart.

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