5 Rules for Successful Career Change

It is more and more common to change careers once or even twice during our lifetime. The successful launch of a new career requires a new mindset and release of old patterns.

My corporate job used to be a big part of my identity. When I left, I had a desire to find something which would be truly fulfilling and reflect who I was. During my transition into the self-employed coach and teacher I am today, following 5 rules were of immense value to me and became a true accelerators of my new career.

1. Follow the Dictates of Your Soul

Your soul is your best advisor. It truly knows what you want to become and can guide you gently through the process of change. It is helpful to listen to advice from others, but it can easily become overwhelming and can take you into the wrong direction. Find one or two sources of trusted and loving advice and, most importantly, always check with the inner voice of your soul.

2. Declutter Your Living and Working Space

Create space for the ‘new’ you desire to flow into your life by releasing the old. The more fresh you want to start, the more thoroughly you may need to review all of what is physically connected to your old career, be it clothes, accessories, documents, photos, and any other significant symbols of your previous work identity. While decluttering, follow this rule: “Love it, use it or throw it away”.

3. Keep Relationships that Empower You

Do not allow anyone to diminish your journey or your new work. Surround yourself with people who unconditionally support you and love you. You may keep a few connections with your prior job, however too many old work acquaintances can make it more difficult to step into the new energy. Some old relationships may not be serving you any longer. Let them go so that new relationships can be created along the way.

4. Forgive and Be Grateful

We do not forgive for others, we forgive for ourselves. To support the energy of the new beginning and unleash your creativity, release grievances you might be holding towards others in connection with your old work. Gratitude works miracles in the forgiveness process. Focus on all you are grateful for in your life, journal about it and let your soul show you the gift of every person and every situation in your life. It will set you free.

5. Have Faith

You have a purpose and you have been given a unique set of skills and talents to fulfill your purpose on earth. The Universe will support you in every step of your career change.  Take necessary actions as guided by your soul, then surrender the outcomes and trust that everything is working out for your highest good. Prayer, meditation, journaling or any other kind of spiritual practice will help you to keep faith.

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