Believe That You Are Wise

You don’t need an MBA to be wise. You even don’t need a college degree or any other degree. All what matters is how well you can listen to your inner voice and follow its advice.

Our wisdom is the key to our true happiness and authentic success. We are born wise and fully equipped to know intuitively what is good for us and what is bad.

* Is this job making me truly happy or satisfying my yearning for social status?

* Is this relationship based on mutual love or on my neediness to date somebody?

* Am I doing this favor because I want to help selflessly or because I don’t know how to say “No”?

Our soul always has the right answer. So why do we often end up doing unwise things in our life? Marrying wrong people, building careers which do not bring us joy, or getting into debt for things we don’t need?

The trouble is that our inner voice is only as loud as we allow it to be. Every time I suffered an exhaustion attack during my corporate career, my inner voice always told me that this was wrong, that I deserved more and that I had to stop doing this work.

And every time, the next day I would shut that voice down and continue in the same pattern. My rational mind came up with many good reasons why I needed to stay and couldn’t afford to leave. Today, I check with my inner wisdom often and respect what it tells me.

Any time you tell yourself “I don’t know what to do” or simply need an advice, slow down, take deep breath and ask yourself:

“If I knew what to do, what would it be?”


“If I knew the answer, what would it be?”

And listen. Trust that the answer is going to appear. It always does. Even if it is “only” to tell you that you need to ask for advice somebody else, take more time for a particular decision or decline a particular invitation, your wisdom will always reveal yourself to you. Because you are a wise person.

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