Ms. YIN & Mr. YANG: A Key to Balance

I do not remember when I heard about them for the first time. Yin and Yang. A bit mysterious names from ancient China seemed too distant to anything I’ve ever studied. Only after I first-hand experienced a burn-out and how it feels to run out of energy, I realized it was time to get to know them better. Continue reading

The Most Important Person to Love: You

I often get asked how I managed to make such a major career change, overcome workaholism or find such an amazing, charismatic and loving husband. And I always conclude, after searching in my memory, that there is really only one thing which did it all. Continue reading

It Is Summer – Time to Play

When is the last time you built a sand castle? Or drew an elephant? Or danced to your favorite song?

Our life is usually so busy that we barely manage to take care of our “serious” commitments.  They demand our time and energy and we are often left with no time for ourselves.  Being responsible and hard working are certainly important virtues, but it is equally important to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Continue reading

Breathe and Decompress

Some people appear in our life just for a brief moment, yet they have a powerful message for us. The last thing I expected after arriving into the hotel in the middle of the Caribbean rain forest was to meet an angel looking lady. She was tall, slim, of a respectful age, with a hat and sunglasses. I barely could see her face; her body posture was elegant and strong.

In a very short moment, while our luggage was being unloaded, she appeared next to me and said: “Breathe and decompress. That’s why you are here.” Then, she was gone. Continue reading