Create Vision – Discover Success

Do you have a vision for your life? Do you know the one sentence you want others to tell about you when you are gone?

Having a vision for an organization is a common sense – how else can it reach success and know it is on purpose? The same applies to our lives – without a vision, how can we know we are on purpose and successful in living our life?

Step 1: Create Vision for Your Life:

Ask yourself following questions:

* What kind of person do I want to be?

* How do I want to live?

* What is truly important for me? What is not that important?

* What value do I want to leave behind me? How do I want the world to benefit from my life?

* What kind of relationships do I want to nurture and give them most of my attention, time and energy?

* How will I know on the last day of my life that my life was a success? That I accomplished what I was supposed to accomplish on earth?

 There are no right or wrong answers. Your vision for your life is unique and the only thing which matters is that you feel deep down that it is the right one, reflecting your deepest longing for how you want to live. Your vision statement has to resonate with your heart.

Step 2: Reflect on Your Life & Vision 

To be successful in life, we have to check regularly that we are on track, aligned to our vision. When we rush and don’t take time to stop and reflect on where we are, we often lose sight of what is truly important. We often start accomplishing goals not worth accomplishing and becoming a type of person we never wanted to become.

To live the life you want, make sure to:

* Take often a short time off to reflect and check how you feel, how is your life going and how much you are aligned with your vision. You only need 20 minutes weekly or monthly to get a feel how things are. This small investment of time has a major impact on your ability to be successful.

* Do a major life reflection around your birthdays and big anniversaries. All birthdays deserve a really thorough reflection and those with zero at the end extra-thorough. Go on a retreat, take a vacation by yourself or simply schedule a plenty of undisturbed time and give yourself a gift of reviewing your life, your relationships, your health and your happiness level. If you had only one more year to live, what would be your must-to-do things?

 Our ability to see what is truly important is one of the key elements of success and happiness in life. When we create a vision, we discover what success means to us. Why? Because success is about how we, not others, feel about our life, relationships, work and health.

 We all have our success in our own hands. True success comes when we live authentically and in accordance with our vision.

Your vision is your anchor; it helps you to prioritize and gives strength to make difficult decisions. Your vision reminds you who you are and what you are here for.

Make time for vision – it is essential for your success.

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