Dream Big!

In 2009, Barack and Michelle Obama visited Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The whole city was upside down due to the organizational and security measures required. The streets were blocked leading to the main square in front of Prague Castle, where President Obama was to give his speech. The radio asked people to not even attempt to get there. But I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

Parking my car far from the Castle and taking one of the back streets, I managed easily to get to one of the security stations screening people before allowing them on the square. I got through, but the square was already very crowded. The stage where the President was to give his speech was very far away. The chances to actually see him were really low…

Suddenly, one of the corridors blocked for security reasons got opened for audience! I smoothly moved to the front of the crowd 10 meters (30ft) from the stage! The applause was enormous when President Obama and his wife appeared. With the sun, fog and spires of St. Nicholas church behind their back, they looked like messengers from other realms.

The speech Barack Obama gave has remained the most impressive speech I have ever heard. My belief in the impossible was rewarded. Getting so close to such a powerful and inspiring man and hearing his message continues to inspire me and gives me strength and hope.

President Obama spoke about his dream about the world without nuclear weapons. As a child, I had a lot of fear about nuclear war. The socialist TV was telling us on a daily basis that the capitalist enemies were going to attack us soon. I even had nightmares about war.

That’s why I dream about a peaceful world. My life purpose is to be happy and help others be happy. Why? Because happy people do not fight. My ambition is to contribute to world peace, starting with cultivating my own peace of mind. I take it one step at a time. If I can help one single person to be happier, I know that I am one step closer to my big dream.

 What is your dream? What is your legacy you want to leave? Even if your dream seems impossible to achieve, have courage to dream it! And then, take an action!

That’s how big dreams come true.

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