Everyday Abundance!

My New Year started in a very prosperous way! No, I have not won a lottery, nor did I receive an unexpected check with a multiple digit amount on it. Something much more prosaic. I flew from Newark to Prague, and that trip turned out to be jam packed with abundance.

It all started by a smooth online check in from my home and successful printing of both of my boarding passes. There was zero traffic on the way to the airport. At the baggage drop off, I was “upgraded” to the first class drop off service for no reason as well as at the security line. Here, I even got a compliment from a TSA officer checking my passport. I’ve never got a compliment from the security people before!

The boarding process was very smooth and I got to my seat early enough to still have space for my roll-on in the overhead bin above me. The lady sitting next to me was very nice and we had some good laughter together. Food was very tasty and there was plenty of wine being offered, and even cognac and Bailey’s for no extra charge. One of the attendants spilled a bit of coffee on my arm and to apologize he brought me some delicious chocolate. There were a lot of children on the plane, but somehow they didn’t make any disturbing noises so I even got some good sleep.

We got to Frankfurt on time, so I had plenty of time to get to my connecting flight. In Prague, my luggage was right on the baggage belt when I came there and my taxi drive to my apartment was quick and enjoyable.

I know it all sounds like no big deal. Well, it depends on our angle, how we look at things. Being open to see how much was given to me during this last travel experience helps me to appreciate the generosity of Life. There were so many things which could have gone wrong, but they didn’t.

Everyday abundance is about appreciating simple gifts. The more we increase our own feeling of being prosperous, the more abundance of time, energy, money, love etc. is going to flow into our life. True prosperity is never an amount of money; it is a state of mind.

Every day, name at least three unexpected gifts you were given that day. It will make you feel wonderful and abundant miracles will abound in your life.

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