Follow Your Heart

I just attended an amazing certification course in NYC called Coaching Success with my favorite teacher Robert Holden. I attended his Coaching Happiness course last year, so I thought I knew what to expect. But as the saying goes:”you never enter the same river twice”; my experience was completely new this year and I am still overwhelmed by its richness and profound impact.

Robert is a true modern philosopher who has been living his teachings on happiness and success for the last twenty years. Last year, I felt that five days of absorbing Robert’s wisdom changed the way I understand my life. Well, this year, I feel that my life will never be the same after Coaching Success course. Perhaps this year, I was even more ready to hear and understand the messages, perhaps I was more open. When a student is ready, a teacher appears. I learned not only from the Robert, but from so many participants.

There was a soldier from Afghanistan attending the training. A really handsome and smart young man, who wants to die in the war but his will to live is bigger. A wonderful little lady Peggy O’Neill, who empowers the world by showing us that it is our inner greatness which actually matters, not our physical bodies. A world famous author Marci Shimoff beautifully inspired us by being authentic and vulnerable.

The story which touched my heart most is a story of a wonderful lady I sat next to one day of the training. She used to work in a hospice as a chaplain. She was helping dying people and their families to go through this painful transition. Then, somebody told her that she wasn’t the right fit for this profession and she gave up. She joined corporate America and worked extremely hard in her corporate job. One day, she suffered a very serious brain injury in a car accident and lost a part of the brain ability to memorize, crucial for her corporate job… Now, she is slowly coming back to normal life, not knowing what her future will be. But understanding that we have a life purpose and that the most important thing we can do in our life is to follow that calling. Follow our heart, no matter what other people say.

There is a world of difference between having a job and serving a purpose.
Your heart knows your purpose.
Follow your heart.

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