We do not become happy because we are successful; we become successful because we are happy.

Happiness is the most universal goal people want to experience across the world. Everybody wants to be happy. Yet, no one talks about happiness. All parents want their children to be happy, but so few parents talk about it. We are not taught what happiness is, how to experience happiness, how to preserve happiness. And so it happens that many people end up waiting their whole life to become happy.

I want to share 3 key thoughts about happiness:

1) Happiness is a decision. Life is powerful, but our thoughts about life are even more powerful. Whatever is happening in your life, you are the one who has the deciding vote when it comes to happiness, success, love and peace of mind.

2) Being authentic is key for being happy. It is impossible to be inauthentic and happy.

3) Happiness starts with self-acceptance: One of the greatest single steps you can take towards happiness now is to let go of the belief that happiness has to be deserved. Happiness is freely available. It is unconditional.

What is your definition of happiness?

In the past, I thought that my happiness should come after the happiness of others and after I do something worthy. For a long time I was a perfectionist. I wanted to avoid even the smallest mistake at all costs. Now, I know that my mistakes are not who I am and that I do not need to do anything to be happy. Being happy is my birthright.

The fastest way to experience happiness is through wholehearted gratitude. Being grateful for simple things like having a roof over your head, running water and bread to eat can make miracles.

What are YOU grateful for?


 Today, many people work full-time and live part-time. Often, we work without a vision and joy. To win at work, we lose in life. We work so hard to accomplish different goals, but so often we remain unfulfilled, with impaired health and relationships.

 The key to real success is to know yourself, your life purpose, have a vision and authentic goals. The better we know ourselves, the more effectively we will live, work and relate to others.

What is your definition of success?

We live in a time of change. Change is constant and Life brings us more new situations to deal with than ever before. Having courage to let go of control and welcome change is an act of power.

 A deep acceptance of the temporary nature of this world offers a powerful way to live. Nothing physical lasts forever – including jobs, companies, relationships, marriages, good times and difficult times. Being aware of this helps us to appreciate our jobs now, our relationships now, our life now. (and appreciation actually helps the things we value last longer)

For many years, I measured success by my productivity. But I rarely took time to celebrate what I achieved at work. My accomplishments in my health, family or relationships didn’t even qualify as being called a success. Today, I know what my life purpose is. I have clarified for myself that my true values are Love, Joy and Family. Every day is an opportunity to review how successful I am in fulfilling my life purpose and celebrate.

How do you celebrate your success?

 Robert Holden, Ph. D , the world leading authority on happiness and success, trained me in Coaching Happiness and provides never-ending inspiration on the topics of self-acceptance, happiness and success.

I offer courses on happiness, success and happiness at workplace. I continue to be fascinated seeing how much our happiness can be increased when we dedicate time to talk about and think about it!

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