Begin – the rest is easy.

Today is an exciting day for me! I am launching my blog. Starting something new is sometimes the most difficult, yet the most instrumental step to take. One move can put the whole universe into motion. As in taichi – a twist of your pinkie exercises invisibly, but powerfully, your bones, ligaments and muscles in your body.

I remember many of my beginnings… I remember standing in a line on a cold spring morning in communist Czechoslovakia to take the entrance test for an English course at the state language school. I was 16. I was scared and stressed. My whole life felt like it was at stake, since attending a course at the language school was considered a total victory. I passed and the knowledge of English opened a million doors for me. I cherish the courage which helped me to get through this heavy beginning; life rewarded me many times.

My first day as an auditor was a disaster. My job was to re-type all the numbers from the client’s trial balance into an Excel spreadsheet. The sum was supposed to be zero. Instead, at the end of the day, my total was several billions! I was devastated. I thought my career was over. It wasn’t. I made it to audit director, but always remembered my first day at work. It didn’t start great, but I didn’t give up and it paid off.

I missed the first four classes of the taichi beginners series. I had doubts if I should start this new activity having missed so much, but something was telling me to try it anyway. Instead of embarrassment, I experienced going with the flow, since the group carried me through the moves by their example. Instead of disaster, I experienced a bliss of mind-body connection. And taichi changed my life forever.

Our beginnings doesn’t need to be perfect. They may feel scary, but they are worth it! Whatever you want to start and have been postponing, why not to make the first step today? The energy of your action will start working for you, often in many invisible, yet profound ways.

I love this Chinese proverb which came to my life in a fortune cookie when I moved from the Czech Republic to the USA. Begin – the rest is easy!

Let’s celebrate the beginnings! The moment is NOW!


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