How Do You Start Your Day?

Louise Hay says “How we start our day is how we live our day.” And how we live our day is how we live our life. In other words, how we experience our mornings creates our life experiences.

For years, I dreaded Monday mornings. On most Sunday afternoons, a tension started to build up in the expectation of Monday. I found it difficult to fully enjoy Sunday afternoons. My mind was already ahead in time, imaging potential unpleasant experiences of having to go to work again.

I had reasons to feel like this – many of my Monday mornings were stressful. My working week often started around 7 a.m. in the office, fully packed to travel somewhere to audit a client. Or some emergency happened, like a staff member not coming to work due to sickness which created a huge pressure to deliver work on time.

Still, I was dreaming of having more positive start-of-the-week experiences. I was aware that by not enjoying Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings I was not enjoying 1/7 of my life (one day in a week). This didn’t feel right, but I didn’t know what to do about it.

Since then, I have learnt about the power of intention. Where our intention goes, our energy and mood goes. When I was having negative thoughts about Monday mornings, I was actually co-creating negative experiences. I was programming my mind to make myself feel negative.

Today, I set a joyful intent at the beginning of the day. I affirm only positive experiences will happen to me. I visualize things going smoothly, be it my writing, working with a client, teaching or going to the bank. It makes a huge difference in how I experience my mornings, my days and ultimately my life.

Our mind can be our best friend and help us create the experiences that we want. We just need to intentionally think positive thoughts and let those negative thoughts go away!

I find the following affirmations very helpful in creating positive experiences:

  • Today is a great day. I love my work.
  • It is a joy to be able to go to work today.
  • My day is going really well.
  • I am having such a successful day today.
  • I have wonderful co-workers who are all doing their best.
  • I am earning good money for which I am deeply grateful.

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