If You Want To Be Happy, Be Honest With Yourself

I have a long experience of living in denial. It was started many years ago by a mysterious back injury I suffered while skiing. It was mysterious, since nothing visible happened to cause this injury. I didn’t fall down and I didn’t clash with anyone. I just suddenly felt a sharp pain in my lower back. A few hours later, the pain was unbearable and I practically couldn’t walk.

At that time, I was a young single professional. Work was my whole life; I was in the office from early mornings till late evenings and also on weekends. As much as my back injury scared me, I didn’t change anything in my life-style. I continued to be super positive about my work; I never made any connection between the injury and my work load.

Later, I started to suffer from exhaustion. I had my first serious attack of exhaustion when I worked in NYC for my company’s global headquarters. I was 33 years old, lived by myself, and I thought I was going to die. I didn’t and the next day I was back in the office, shaken by the experience but strongly determined to work on all the important global assignments. The attacks of exhaustion continued for the next 3 years. However, I still thought that this problem could be solved by making a few changes in my work schedule or delegating more.  I didn’t want to see the real scale of the issue.

Tai chi, meditation, different healers and blunt advice from a friend finally helped me to be honest with myself. When I finally fully admitted to myself how bad the situation was, I started feeling empowered to make major changes in my life.

When we are not honest with ourselves, we become depleted and our life suffers. Trying to persuade ourselves that our career, health, marriage or other relationships are fine when they are not is going to take its toll on us, sooner or later.

Be honest with yourself. As Robert Holden says: “Keep smiling unless you feel like crying”. Tell yourself the truth about the circumstances of life:

On a scale of 1(the least) – 10(the most),
How much are you enjoying yourself and your life right now?

3 thoughts on “If You Want To Be Happy, Be Honest With Yourself

  1. I always strive to stay around an 8 but there are some days when it’s a struggle to get above a 5! Those are the days that I need the power of the universe and meditation to lift me up!

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