It Is Summer – Time to Play

When is the last time you built a sand castle? Or drew an elephant? Or danced to your favorite song?

Our life is usually so busy that we barely manage to take care of our “serious” commitments.  They demand our time and energy and we are often left with no time for ourselves.  Being responsible and hard working are certainly important virtues, but it is equally important to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

I just spent several days with my five-year old niece and her two-and-half-year old brother. Two little beings, but how much I always learn from them. Their imagination, spontaneity and authenticity are truly inspiring. They bake imaginary pizzas from grass, set up houses under the trees, make silly faces and dance when they feel like dancing. They are simply having fun.

I always love to get involved in their games. This time, for example, I was tasked to vacuum the floor of their imaginary house under the tree with a plastic fork representing the vacuum machine. It was a lot of work, but I was allowed to take a rest when I felt tired (the children, of course, didn’t get tired at all). Participating in their play was magical. It was making me feel alive, happy, for no reason.  And the only thing I was doing was being on my knees scrubbing the ground with the fork.

We need to play. We really do. It is essential for our well-being. And summer is such a great time of the year to do something madcap or simply something for the pure fun of it. Dance till the morning hours, get your friends to play with you your favorite board game or take a train trip somewhere you’ve never been. The joy it will bring you will multiply as it spreads to others.

Ask yourself:

How can I have more fun in my life?
Who can help me become more playful?
How would my life change if I had more fun in my life?

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