Job Search: A Curse or Blessing?

There are words we never want to hear. “You are fired” is one of them. From a  psychological point of view, losing a job is one of the major losses we can encounter. At the same time, it can become a true catalyst in our personal and professional life. Instead of feeling like a curse was sent on us, we can decide to step into our power and receive the blessing of the situation.

My husband lost his job earlier this year. I witnessed his journey of transformation from accepting the shocking news to finding his dream job several months later. I want to share with you several practical strategies so that you too can use a job search as a positive catalyst in your life:

1. Affirm your life purpose: A job can be taken away from you, but nobody can take your career and life purpose from you. The fact that your former job is gone doesn’t mean that you have no value and can’t help this planet to be a better place.What are your best skills and talents? What brings you joy? Make a list and see how you can create value while looking for a job. Write a blog on a topic you are an expert at, volunteer, spend time with your family, simply share with the world the best of yourself.

2. Declare your identity: You used to work for a certain organization and be a manager, surgeon, or technician and now what? The old work identity is gone and it feels like there is nothing to replace it with. Your power is in shifting this perception and creating a new identity. Become a temporary freelance professional, writer, volunteer, independent consultant. Print new business cards, update your LinkedIn Profile, do what feels right so that you can proudly tell others your new title instead of humiliating:”I am unemployed” (of course, you can always add that you are looking for a new employment opportunities). Declare to the world and to yourself that you have a career despite a momentary lack of job.

3. Focus on abundance and gratitude: Where we put our attention, it grows. Never allow thoughts of lack, poverty or failure. Consciously focus on all the goods things (tangible and intangible) in your life. You lost a job, but nobody can take your talent away. Be grateful for absolutely everything, like running water, tasty breakfast, friends and family who love you, education, roof over your head. Be grateful for your old job. Be grateful for being alive. Gratitude can transform your life, heal your past and create prosperous future.

4. Love yourself and celebrate even a smallest success: There is one person who needs your love most during these challenging times. And that person is you. Find your picture from childhood, when you were 4 or 5 years old and look at the little girl or boy. They are part of you. They deserve your love and kindness. Make sure that you spend regularly some amount of money (even if the smallest one) on  pampering yourself while looking for a job. Get yourself a bouquet of roses, bubble bath or massage. Celebrate every small success, be it an invitation to an interview or submitting a well-written resume. Focus on success and success will continue flowing into your life.

Most importantly, trust that everything is happening for your highest good. We may not always know what that is in the given moment, but having an open mindset and faith that only good lies before us makes a job search to be a blessing, rather than a curse.

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