Mistletoe in My Heart

After 39 Christmas holidays spent in my parents’ house in the Czech Republic, this year I will be spending Christmas for the first time in my life in the US. Being in a completely different place sets a unique opportunity to decide what I want to experience during this most special time of the year. 

When I was growing up, my whole family was atheist, but Christmas still had a very deep meaning for us. The word “Love” best describes what for me is most connected to December 24 – 26. For three days of the year, my family always experienced a state of complete respect for each other, joy, peace, and abundance. We used many symbols as all Czech families do, such as a carp, a tree, and mistletoe.

About two weeks ago, I started to look where I can buy a mistletoe. In all Czech cities and towns, mistletoe is sold at street stands at every corner in December. So I expected to see something similar in New Jersey. I looked quite a lot and so far I have found no mistletoe! I asked my husband about it; he was not even sure mistletoe was available in New Jersey.

I realized I had two options. One would be to get really disappointed and melancholy about the fact that I can’t have my traditional Christmas symbol this year. However, this would leave me in the position of a victim. Another option was to claim my personal power by focusing on thoughts which help me to accept the situation and move beyond it in a positive way.

If I want to increase the likelihood of being homesick and frustrated over Christmas, then whining about the situation would get me there. But if I want to experience peace and joy, I need to take a responsibility for my state of mind by choosing peaceful and joyful thoughts. Even though I will not have a fresh mistletoe this Christmas, I know it is in my heart. And I choose peace of my mind.

All of the Christmas symbols can help us and encourage us to experience a happy Christmas but ultimately it is always up to us what type of experience we create for ourselves and our loved ones.

We do have immense freedom to choose what to think. Choosing happy and loving thoughts is the best gift we can give to ourselves and to the world.

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