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Are you looking for a new job or relationship? Do you feel stuck like something is holding you back? Do you often feel tired and overwhelmed?

If your answer to any of these 3 questions is yes, than chances are that you need to simplify your life. How? By getting rid of things which are keeping you in the past and not allowing you to move forward.

Clearing clutter is one of the quickest ways to change our lives. In the last several years, I have been experiencing myself the enormous power of clutter-clearing. I took both my personal and professional life to the completely new levels by a very thorough review of all my belongings and getting rid of many of them.

Specifically, I decluttered most of my clothes, shoes, textbooks, paperwork, costume jewellery, but also photos bringing up unhappy memories, books and home decorations I no longer like. And some of my crucial life and work changing points happened soon after I released from my life things representing the old.

I often get asked: “So what is  clutter?” Clutter is everything that is serving no purpose in your life.  We tend to accumulate too many things which clutter our living and working spaces, many of them we no longer use or like. Having too many things means that there is no space for new experiences, relationships and things to come into our life.

If you have only limited time for clutter-clearing, focus on 1 area with most impact on your life. Symbolically, different objects and rooms in our home represent different areas of our life. For example:

  • Career: Office, office desk, file cabinet;
  • Relationships: Photos, letters, e-mails, presents;
  • Health: Bathroom, kitchen, fridge, cupboards.

In addition to the above suggestions, a great place where to start simplifying your life is a bedroom. It represents ourselves, our deepest dreams and desires and we spend there a lot of time, so it is particularly effective to let go of things in the bedroom which are not serving us any more. To decide what to keep and what to release, use a rule: “Love it, use it or throw it away.”

Clutter-clearing will energize your mind, body and spirit. I always feel lighter and much more enthusiastic about starting new projects when I remove from my life things no longer of use. And since I donate most of the decluttered belongings to various charities, I also feel good about helping others!

Clutter clearing is a very powerful tool for your life and work success. Simplify your life by saying good-buy to the old no longer serving you. Your newly gained energy, clarity and focus will make your new projects, ideas and dreams come true!

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2 thoughts on “Simplify Your Life

  1. Blanka, I completely agree. Last time I moved, it was an easy task because I didn’t have clutter to transport! I still find myself holding on to a few mementos that should probably be thrown away, but at least they don’t take up a lot of space! 🙂

    • Wov, moving is a great clutter test, congrats that you did so well! One option for mementos, mainly the ones that take a lot of space, is to take a picture of them; that way we still keep them digitally but the energy can shift by releasing them physically. 🙂

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