Spring Is Here: Renew Your Life

Everyone loves spring. It is a time full of hopes for new beginnings. Nature is renewing and the new cycle starts.

When I was growing up, spring was always a time of spring cleaning. Cleaning windows was particularly an important project. I still remember the feeling of freshness as all windows were open as we cleaned them and sun was shining through. Those open windows symbolically welcome spring into our house and the new into our life.

Spring is an invitation to release what is no longer serving us in our lives. Today more than ever we need to take care of our homes to stay in harmony and have room for something new. We accumulate enormous amounts of things which make our living space cluttered, dingy and static. It is really difficult to feel a drive for new beginnings in such a space!

If you want to take your life to the next level, declutter and purify your space. In order for renewal to occur, the old needs to make way for the new. Go through your living space and let go of the old, discarded or unused.  Follow the rule “Love it, use it or throw it away” to decide what to keep and what to release. Dust and vacuum thoroughly. All your efforts will pay off many times over.

Even the smallest amount of decluttering can have remarkable results. Cleaning one shelf of your night stand or one basket with your cosmetic supplies is going to help you release the old and create new space. If you are looking for a particular new beginning, such as a new relationship or job, go through things which are linked to your old relationship or job and consider what to keep. Be gentle with yourself; you do not need to throw away everything at once. However, to move on, do not keep things which bring negative memories or keep you stuck in old situations or thought patterns.

Say ‘YES” to the new by releasing what is not longer supporting you. This is going to give you clarity and lightness to welcome all the wonderful beginnings you are hoping for this spring.

Ask yourself:

What do I want to welcome in my life?
What do I need to release to be open for the new beginning in a particular area of my life?
How can I best purify my environment and/or myself to feel lighter and brighter?

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