How My Bedroom Sabotaged My Dreams

Bedroom Feng ShuiWe were supposed to live there only temporarily, before we found something better.

The apartment in one of Prague‘s suburbs was far from an ideal one… An old sink, an electrical burner instead of a regular stove and linoleum from what must have been an ancient time.

We were young and madly in love. These „details“ could not concern us. The brightest possible future was ahead us, I though to myself. Continue reading

If You Want To Be Happy, Be Honest With Yourself

I have a long experience of living in denial. It was started many years ago by a mysterious back injury I suffered while skiing. It was mysterious, since nothing visible happened to cause this injury. I didn’t fall down and I didn’t clash with anyone. I just suddenly felt a sharp pain in my lower back. A few hours later, the pain was unbearable and I practically couldn’t walk. Continue reading

Loving What You Do

I just spent a few days in a small spa resort at the Czech-Polish border. Getting there included driving on small village roads and crossing a mountain range. There are not many more places so far away from our capital as this one. Here, you are not going to meet fancy cars and rich tourists. Most of the region is struggling economically and the average salary here is one of the lowest in the country. But there was something very special about people I met there. Continue reading